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The horses that will be whisking you away through the winter wonderland are Spotted Draft horses. The Allred family is one of the very few breeders of the Spotted Draft horses in the state of Idaho. The breed was developed in the early 1990's from a cross between a Percheron, Shire, and a Paint. These gentle giants are known for their calm disposition and versatility. 


Rocky Mountain Elk naturally roam through Garden Valley and the surrounding areas, typically staying higher in the mountains, where they have cover to hide. During the winter, the snow pushes the elk to lower elevations where food may be available. At Idaho Sleigh Rides, we supplement feed to help them through the winters. This gives you the chance to see them up close, something that not many get the chance to do!

Please understand that the elk are completely wild and are not farmed elk. We cannot guarantee the elk will be in the meadow for every ride. The snow and our feed help bring them in, but wildlife behaviors cannot always be predicted.

"My husband and I received this as a gift and we had a wonderful time! Ride was beautiful and dinner was excellent!! Highly recommend Idaho Sleigh Rides."

-Shari C.

"I cannot begin to thank you all enough! You made my moms day! They all helped get her ready to stay warm and lifted her wheelchair into the ride. She loved it!"

-Wendi M.

"The sleigh ride was great! Enjoyed seeing/feeding the elk. The food was DEE-LICIOUS!!!! Really enjoyed our time!"

-Kimberly N.

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