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Winter Wilderness
Winter Wilderness

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Power Team

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Meet the Wildlife
Meet the Wildlife

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Winter Wilderness
Winter Wilderness

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Wagon Ride & Pick a Christmas Tree
November 25 2022 - December 16 2022

Sleigh Rides & Elk Viewing
Starting December 17th 2022

(closing date dependent on weather)


       Let us help you create a new  Family Holiday Tradition  enjoyed by young and old. 


Sleigh Ride & Elk Viewing 

Glide peacefully through the winter wilderness of


Garden Valley,  Idaho in an old fashion sleigh


pulled by gorgeous  Black and White Spotted  


Draft Horses. Listen to the jingle bells and join in on


the laughter and holiday fun!  Observe  wild elk up


close. Follow up your ride with a complimentary hot


drink and snack back at the lodge and cuddle up


next to the warm fireplace. Add on a delicious slow


cooked Dutch Oven meal with live music during


your dining experience.

Great for Family Gatherings, Company Parties, Holiday Activities, Date Nights, Birthday Parties, and more!

*Wheelchair Accessibility*

We have one sleigh that the steps are low and wide


enough to get a wheelchair on. Please give us a call


to discuss options for your specific needs

If we do not have enough snow for sleigh rides, we


will convert our sleighs into wagons by taking the


skis off and putting wheels on. You still get to enjoy


the same vehicle, the same beautiful teams of


horses, and view wild Elk while enjoying the same


scenic route.

          Pick a Christmas Tree &        

              (Depending on Snow  conditions)                               Wagon or Sleigh Ride

As Fall Harvest approaches and temperatures


decline.  Consider warming your spirits on a good


ol’fashioned wagon/sleigh ride. Dating back to our


roots of horse drawn transportation O’er the fields


you will go laughing all the way on a scenic outing


in the majestic Garden Valley Area spending quality


togetherness with your loved ones.  While choosing


from a variety of freshly cut trees from two of the


most popular Christmas Tree types.

Perhaps, you will choose a Noble Fir that is not only known for its beauty and statuesque appearance,  but also for its strong sturdy branches in which you can display all of your special ornaments.  Or, if you are inclined to enjoy the “piney smell” of Christmas, your choice may be the sweet fragrance of a Douglas Fir tree with it's bright green needles and uniform shape. These beautiful trees rang in size from 5 to 8 feet so you are able to select your special tree, just the right size for your home.

Book a memory of joy with Idaho Sleigh Rides and

find your special fresh cut Christmas tree on your


own private winter wonderland setting while


enjoying an old fashion wagon or sleigh ride.


Wagons and sleighs are drawn to the Christmas Tree lot by a team of fascinating, well trained Spotted Draft horses.  These Spotted Draft Horses are/were also known as a Drum horse, the first recorded one is believed to have been used in the Court of Queen Elizabeth 1st during her processions. Life Guards of the British Royal Household Cavalry carried the large silver      Kettle-Drums on these horses.

Your Christmas tree may only last this Holiday


Season, but the memory it creates will last a lifetime


in the hearts of you, your family and friends.

Upon returning to the Lodge with your bounty in


tow, enjoy a treat along with a cup of hot chocolate


or coffee to send you on your merry way!

Closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day

After a solid freeze on the ground to prevent muddy conditions, we will run with or without snow as long as weather conditions allow. 

COVID-19 Operating Plans:

In order to ensure safety for our customers, their family and friends, and our employees, we have made some adjustments to our operation.

  • We are only taking reservations for private sleighs. We are not taking reservations for small separate groups to combine together on to one sleigh. Our Large Private sleigh holds up to 12 people and our Small Private sleigh holds up to 4 people.

  • We will still offer our Dutch Oven Dinner Sleigh Rides to large private groups. 

We will be following local, state, and federal guidelines to ensure safety for everyone involved.   We apologize for the inconvenience, but hope to still provide a memorable experience this holiday season!


Please understand that the elk are completely wild and are not farmed elk. We cannot guarantee the elk will be in the meadow for every ride. The snow and our feed help bring them in, but wildlife behaviors cannot always be predicted.

"This was a wonderful experience! My almost 2 year old loved it! Great employees, food, and a wonderful adventure. Thank you for the great day!"

                                 -Kristen M. 

"What a FUN way to spend time in the Idaho mountains in the winter! Great sleigh ride, feed the elk and finish with a yummy Dutch oven dinner!
Thank you for a fun memory making evening!!"

                                      -Kellie G. 

Please Reserve Online

Seating is Limited and Reservations are Required

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